Don't let your data sleep any longer : Databook offers them a second life.

Today most companies have one or more databases, operated by one or more tools : contact management, accounting and finance, stock management, information systems, CRM, records, etc.

For the past 10 years these same companies have largely dematerialized their processes and stored informations. Not only did the technological evolution vastly increase storage spaces, but cloud computing has also accelerated online data storage.

Consequencean infinite number of saved, stored data are of little use and are often forgotten even, once they reach a certain age.

The proliferation of data poses a major challenge for IT managers as well as for business managers : simply put, what to do with all the data ?


While logical links exist between them, how to make those connections ? How, once these links are established, do we access, view, combine and use all these data in a logical and orderly manner, in order to give them meaning and find a new use for them?

How, finally, do we give all these data a true utility after they've been sleeping in most information systems, thus generating costs but no profit ?

Databook : A smart data browser

In a world where data are growing exponentially, too many organizations still manage their data the old-fashioned way. The result is often too cumbersome and complex to allow all stakeholders to find interest in them.

Company Rever, which specializes in publishing software for data management and data governance, launches version 2.0 of its tool DataBook

This is a revolutionary application that allows everyone to connect logical data in order to visualize, combine and use them. One can take advantage of these data and transform them into financial assets. By shining a new light on these abandoned and dusty data, you discover new uses for them, which you may not have considered before. Make something new out of something old in a way !

From a completely secure and cloud-ready web application, users can access their data on their PC, tablet or even on a smartphone. It can hardly be simpler.

In the same way that a web browser provides instant access to relevant answers on your research, the DataBook tool is able to select among your myriad of data the very elements that make sense in relation to a specific request. This by logically crossing all the items in your different bases, and it does this whatever the technological conditions under which your data are stored. Everything is instantly available to you.

An intuitive software that everyone can use

It is not necessary to be an experienced computer scientist to use DataBook. The software was designed for a wide variety of users, from the analyst to the business manager. The application is useful for IT as well as for non IT specialists : no prior technical knowledge is required.

Company Rever ensures that the data can be viewed according to the user's needs at any given time and the way the data is presented can be intuitively modified. Thereby, DataBook is a very user friendly tool and reduces the dependence of the users towards the IT department.

main_pageENWhile very intuitive, the software is totally secure. DataBook performs the necessary checks and alerts the user of any changes in the database. It also automatically adjusts the projects to reflect developments within the database. No other product is prerequisite. Program installation is made via decompression of a folder in the directory of your choice. No changes on your system is required. 
A simple Internet connection is enough.

Databook features

The software is tailored for the specific needs of every company via its scalable user interface. The product in its  basic version contains a certain number of functions, but the holder of the application can select additional features at an affordable price (from €200 to €500 per feature).

In addition, the product will be enriched with additional features over times, depending on customer needs.

It is a scalable software that enables a configuration closely adapted to your needs.

Here are some examples of use :

  • find links between different data and different data types

  • read the data from multiple systems

  • combine the data from multiple databases on a single screen

  • access to your data from anywhere, from your PC, tablet or smartphone

  • customize your tables

  • create custom views

  • combine the data according to your own needs

It is simply a data virtualization tool related to business intelligence.

The advantages of DataBook

The software has a number of advantages over other similar products on the market :

  • It is accessible to any type of user : no need to hire an IT specialist to make it work, even if developers and analysts obviously will also benefit from its use.

  • It is ready to use, which allows you a comfortable and immediately operational discovery.

  • It is an intuitive and scalable application. Depending on the development of the company, and of its particular needs, it offers tailored functionality. So you do not end up with unnecessary functions, obsolete or out of touch with the real needs.

  • It is accessible from your computer but also from your tablet or smartphone : a considerable mobility, which lets you use it from anywhere.

  • Finally DataBook is multibase and multi DBMS (Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, NoSQL...).

Inspired by Facebook

The creators of DataBook wanted to use and show the disruptive technology of REVER through this revolutionary application.

They say they were inspired by Facebook in its design :

The idea came while watching Facebook where friends are all interconnected. By analogy, DataBook allows to connect different databases between them.



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